Monday, June 25, 2012

First P Day Email

Ya¨ateeh family
This week has been great. We have been doing a whole lot. I'm sorry about Taylor's finger (he broke it on Saturday night) but its not all that suprising. I have not met President Brown and haven't been called up in any meetings yet, thank goodness. I did however get to meet my new mission president. His name is President Batt. they are super fun and have quite a few stories. He has grown up and lived most of his live in Rigby, Idaho, and got his masters in mechanical engineering, and his mission was the indians in Minnesota area.
My companion's name is Elder Poulson. He is rather funny. Not out and out funny but he is so quiet and reserved that when he tells some of his stories in a completely common and unexciting way it is hilarious cause they are just ridiculous. He's from West Jordan, Utah, and likes to skate. My district is 7 guys, a threesome and two companionships. The 2 companionships are both going to New Mexico and the others are going to Raleigh, North Carolina. The other New Mexico guys are Elders Meng and Tucker. They are great, as is the rest of my district. We spend all of our time together as a district.
I have met lots of guys I know. A bunch from school who were here or got here the same day as I did, and I'm leaving before all of them! Haha. I did see Tyler Miller and some other missionaries going to Sendai as well. There are a few of those. Oh, super cool is I saw President Eyering today as I was coming back from the temple. Kinda cool. I didnt get to see grandma and grandpa cause I go early on  Monday.  I dont think I will be able to go. You should read Elder Bednar's Christmas MTC devotional. It is so good. We watched it last night. and I heard that since the first mission in the Phillipines opened that it has gone from 65 members to 650,000 members. Way cool and I thought Matt might like to hear that.  All of us in my district are all really wishing we had mail. It is just so nice to get something every day or just every so often. We got here at just the right time cause we hit the  Mission Presidents' Seminar, which really confuses us on schedule but is super cool cause we have most of the general authorities here all the time. Oh and I was kinda dumb and gave my self a nice little goose egg last night, super fun. That's pretty much all I have to say.
Ya"ateeh means ITS ALL GREAT in Navaho
Elder Huff

Snail Mail


Dear Family,

Made it down here just fine.  Was first to  pick my bed in my room which was cool.  My room has 4 Elders AND we are ALL going to New Mexico!

Our distict is 7 Elders--Raleigh North Carolina and Farmington New Mexico. 

I really like my zone leaders.  Ther are funny guys.  Both Australian, both going to the Philippines, speaking some language I've never heard of.

Learned a bit more Navajo from on of my Branch Presidency.

Well, we were just supposed to write a quick note. Gotta head off to breakfast with my district.

Elder Huff

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20th-MTC Day

Alex enters the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah, today around noon.  His aunts (and maybe grandparents) will be dropping him off.  We are grateful for family in Utah.

Did you know that you can send Alex a letter thru for free?!!  With same day delivery if you post before noon Utah time?? 

Go to .  Click on "write a missionary".  Select "Provo-MTC" from the drop down menu.  It is fairly self explanatory after that.  Alex's address for that is:
Elder Alexander William Huff
MTC Mailbox #165 NM-FARM 0709

They will deliver this to him as a printed letter in an envelope!  Please don't use this service after July 7th.  Remember that he only gets to send letters once a week but he can receive them daily.

Alex really loves his friends from school and speaks of them often.  He would love to hear from everyone occasionally. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

alex's one post

well monday night and my birthday. i fly out tomorrow and then i head into the mtc on wednesday at 1255. sure hope i see some familiar faces there. so long and farewell