Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 3.2013


This week has been fast. We have been working really hard. Just going and going. I chopped some more wood and we talked with a ton of people.

This week is also transfers. We got the news on Saturday when President Batt called us. He told me that I would be training again in Toadlena and that Elder Chavez will be opening up Fort Wingate, which has been closed for six months(i went there for exchanges my first transfer out). Elder Bankhead is still my zone leader which is awesome.

I have been really tired this week. It just seems to catch up with me more and more. 

My branch president did give something cool. He gave me a paper that has the sacrament prayers in Navajo.  I am going to be working the next couple weeks with my new companion so that we can say them for Sacrament Meeting one day. I am getting better at reading Navajo but don't understand all the words. I am still working on that. Someday I will get it.

President was down at our church yesterday which was fun, so we got to ask him questions about what areas got opened and stuff, which was nice.  I can't think of too much else to say. It's been really muddy.
Elder Alex Huff

BTW--Alex will be returning from his mission on his birthday June 18, 2014.  Because of the influx of new missionaries all the missionaries from his mission will be coming home two weeks earlier than originally planned.  He is totally excited to be able to come home on his birthday! That means he will only have one birthday in the field so if you are wanting to make his day, plan ahead for this June.--Sheryl

January 28, 2013

This week has been a very interesting week. Some in our district called it our Super Exchange Week. On Wednesday I had Elder Openshaw go to Toadlena and I went to Shiprock, with Elder Davis. Elder Davis has been out for a transfer less than me and rather likes the military. Like the last time I was in Shiprock on exchanges, all of our appointments fell through. But we had some fun tracting and taking with some less actives. 

The time I spent with Elder Davis was pretty cool. I learned a lot and I also learned about some future career opportunities that are available. The more time I spend talking with teachers our here the less I want to have to deal with the bureaucracy that comes with public education. 

After that exchange our zone leaders came out and spent the day with us and Teec Nos Pos(four corners area)elders. Lucky for me my trainer is my zone leader so we got to spend the day with him out in Toad. It has been so muddy out there and kind of drizzling for the last few days so it felt a lot like home. I washed the truck in the rain and came in wet and Elder Chavez was like "you are wet!" I said "I haven't been this wet since I left home!" 

We found a new family to teach and the first lesson went way good so we will see how it goes next time, too. Things are going in some places and others its not but we just keep going.

Have you heard the story of John Tanner before? (note from mom: This is how Alex has heard the story.  IF you want to read a more accurate accounting google John Tanner and read the article from the Ensign magazine.)

Back when the church got started he had a problem with his leg that was gonna kill him, so he decided to let it be and try to do all the good he could. He went to protect the Baptist faith from the Mormon missionaries.  (He took home a Book of Mormon and read it.  Later the missionaries came to his home.) He had faith was healed and baptized that night. Then sold his businesses and wealth and moved to Kirtland, where he paid the mortgage on the temple ground  and loaned over 50,000 dollars to the church and the church bank in Kirtland or Nauvoo. He lost it all. While traveling to Nauvoo he was so poor he had to beg for bread. The prophet had given him a note saying he would pay back the loan for the temple ground to him in any way he could. in Nauvoo John Tanner was called as a missionary. As he was leaving he met with the prophet and talked about the note. When Joseph asked how he could repay the note(knowing that he had no way to do it) John said ' the only debt is my debt of gratitude' and tore up the note. When he did this the prophet told him his family would never beg for bread again. Today John Tanner's descendants own many of the milling companies and trading posts in this area. The milling companies grind the flour the people here use to make frybread.

Elder Alex Huff