Monday, July 1, 2013

Catching Up!! Mom style.

I looked back today to see how bad I have been.  Yep, pretty bad.  We hear from Alex pretty much every week.  I don't get on the big computer much anymore so I don't update any blogs.  I guess that makes me terrible but I am turning over a new leaf.

Alex only has a year left on his mission.  I know he wants to share his experiences with all of you.  So from now until whenever I am redoubling my efforts to keep this up to date.  I can't find the email  earlier than May ( not so computer literate ) so I will hit some of the highlights before then and just continue  with what I can find.

March 18, 2013

Sorry about the last 2 weeks and email.  All the places that we email from were closed for Spring Break.

These last weeks have been very busy.  No changes for me with transfers but the district got a major overhaul.  We lost 2 elders and gained  4.  They have split Shiprock Area and maid it 2 areas now.  And I am now the person who has been here the longest and I am one of the oldest missionaries in the district, which feels weird.

We have been working very hard and have found a lot of new people  to teach most of them are families, which is wonderful. However, we keep running into the problem of giving all our copies of the Book of Mormon out, which is wonderful but also not very good at the same time. How will they become converted and accept what we are trying to teach them if they can't real what it all weighs on because we don't have a Book of Mormon to give them!  So we are going to do a lot to see if we can fix that problem.

The sandstorm season has rolled in so it will be interesting.  The season is supposed to last til monsoon season which begins in July and lasts till September.  I am ready to shake the sand out of my hair and shoes every night from now on and have baby smooth skin!! hahaha

I can see the branch growing since I have been here.  It is tiny, almost unnoticed growth but it is there and the work is rolling forward.  It truly is like the mustard seed, which is small but in the right conditions (the  gospel) it will grow to be a great plant and a blessing and help those around it.  I know the Book of Mormon is true.  It will change the world and our lives, if we let it.

April 1, 2013

This week has been very good.  We have been working with a less active family in our area and they were at church on Sunday.  He is working on receiving the priesthood so that he can baptize his daughter later this month.

We had so many people at church on Sunday, we barely had room for them all in our little chapel.  I believe there were 48 people there.

We have been very busy these last 2 weeks.  We have found a few great people and started talking with them. Now all we have to do is get back with them so that we can actually teach them.

Not much in the way of sandstorms but every now and then one blows over us.

I was digging out some irrigation ditches this week and realized the phrase "Called to Serve is really the most important thing for the people that I have worked with here. That love for them and the patience to help them come to Christ is only something that comes with that service.  If you don't love them you can't help them because they won't feel it when you teach them.  I just pray I am able to help a few of them to receive the blessing of the Atonement in their lives. Help them to see that this is what their people believed before.