Monday, August 6, 2012

July 30, 2012

This week was quite similar to last week. I sent home a couple things. The letter in the package is kind of my ramblings so read at your own risk ha ha! 

I haven't been driving the truck yet but I got the nod of approval from President Batt this week at zone conference. That was pretty cool, President Gibbons came up to meet President Batt and President Batt had him speak to us. Hahaha, I think that I surprised President Gibbons. I did gain some wieght at the MTC but I think I have most of that off and exchanged it for some muscle. The morning lifting with Elder Bankhead and Pres have really done the trick, as well as the change of how and what I eat.

The people we teaching is a weird story. We have been teaching the same people for a looooonnnnng time I guess.  We haven't really found anyone new to teach, which is really hard, but from what I have heard about Zuni there has been tons of people taught but they always stop when it comes to one thing whether its drinking or getting married. Something always stops them from making the step to baptism. 

Again zone conference was great. I got to have a nice talk with President Batt. He explained a question I had quite nicely. He explained that when someone has always done the right thing and is still doing it the Spirit is always with them and they really feel it when it goes away but others feel it in bursts and lose it quickly as well. That just really helped me because I always thought something was wrong but it wasn't. That seemed to be the case with a lot of people I've talked with out here in the field. President Bednar said in a talk that when you have the Spirit always then it doesn't have to shout at you to do something, you do it because you think its right. We see another example of that in 3 Nephi chapter 10, I believe, when Nephi is walking home and pondering. 

President Batt said we can go to the temple with investigators or reactivated members if they are going to the Snowflake Temple. That's pretty much it. Send another one next week.

Elder Alex Huff

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