Monday, August 13, 2012

Singing in Sacrament Meeting


This week has been good. I sang A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief in Sacrament Meeting this week. It was great, President Gibbons transposed it and truly accompanied it. I feel we did a real nice job. I think it really helped the people of the branch. I will speak on recognizing the Spirit on the fourth Sunday of the month. 
I feel rather adjusted, although please don't ever ask me to be able to understand a Navajo giving directions!  It's a lot of lip pointing and odd distances and semi coherent words. I try hard but they never make much sense with their directions. We talked with four people trying to find this less active and they all gave us different directions, and in the end we never found her, just got what we needed from someone who knew her. 
We were helping out an investigator this week with cutting down a tree. The tree pretty much looked like one of the trees in Hatari (John Wayne safari movie). The Zunis who were with us were kinda going crazy with planning it all out, they went to a lot more effort than I would have but I guess that's just the culture. The trunk of my neck got a little burned that day and it has made wearing white shirts real fun the last couple days.
We have been working real hard to try and get people to accept the gospel but we hardly find anyone. When we do they always have a problem committing, usually to the law of chastity. No one gets married out here, its really sad to see. Our guy with a date for baptism didn't show up this week. We don't have to push his date back yet but he really needs to be there, you can really tell a difference when they come and when they don't. 
This is the last week of the transfer so it's kinda strange feeling, I kinda feel like Elder Bankhead will be going somewhere else and I will have a step trainer but I don't know. 
We are having a sweet potluck this Sunday in Zuni for Branch Conference. There is gonna be brisket and turkey and ribs, so good. They have some of the best fruit down here, melons are way good and the grapes as well. Green chile is really not that bad, you just want to eat it with something cause it can have a boring taste before the heat. For some reason we eat quite a bit of orange chicken in members houses, I don't know why but they seem to really like it. 
Well, that's all!

Elder Alex Huff

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