Monday, August 6, 2012


keshay(hello in Zuni)

The weather you have isn't hotter than down here, it gets up to 90 everyday usually before the storms roll in. We have had some pretty big storms the last couple days! Our truck was all nice and clean then the storm hit and we slipped and slidded all over the road and got mud all over the truck. Elder Bankhead cleaned it all up this morning. He never really lets me do any of the cleaning. 

We got a date this week for one of our investigators. He decided he wanted to get baptized on his birthday, which is guess what? the 28 of September. Talk about a crazy coincidence! ( That is Taylor, Alex's brother's birthday.)  We talked with him on a night when Presdident Batt went around visiting with us, which really helped. He has come so far and will still go really far in the next 2 months. When we act in faith THEN miracles happen, just like with prayer. When we ask for something we have to have enough faith to act as if it will happen and it will. 

Our pday today is going to be laundry in Gallup since we are already up here, then lunch and some sports with the zone at the stake center here i believe. After that we will head back and have home evening with a family in Ramah. 

We went to church in Ramah this week and I have to say I kinda like going to Zuni better. Although I have to talk in Zuni on High Council and Branch Conference Sunday I believe. Then I sing the Sunday after. 

Elder Bankhead and I went through a wolf sanctuary this week and saw some pretty cool wolves. 

They actually ask us to plan service on days other than pday for some reason, but we should be taking down a tree for one of our investigators soon. We never really have enough miles but we try not to do stuff that we don't need to. They never really call us on it. 

We have 5 new investigators this week. A family in Zuni and another single guy in Zuni, as well as a young man in Ramah.  We haven't met the father of the family yet but everyone else seems really interested but we will see. I also went on exchanges this week out to Fort Wingate. It was a hard day for us because it was the first of the month on the Navajo Res. Everyone was in Gallup shopping or drinking. 

The MTC wieght has changed more from fat to muscle with our workouts every morning. President Gibbons really pushes us. Well I can't really think of anything else, so I guess that's it for today.

Elder Alex Huff

Oh and if you want to send me some talks from general authorities and such, you can. I have really been enjoying reading them and learning from them. You could invite others to do the same.

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