Friday, January 11, 2013

November 26, 2012

Hello everyone,

This week has been awesome. We met a guy on Saturday and he wanted us to come back and help around the farm on Tuesday  We came back and he wasn't there but we met his dad. By the time we had finished helping his dad, the guy had come back and we were able to teach him. 

The next day he called us and wanted us to come out and butcher a sheep. So we got right out there and by the end of the day I had my first experience with Navajo mutton and intestines. It was pretty good. Both he and his mom invited us out for Thanksgiving which was a nice surprise. We hadn't planned on having one this year. We went out and I worked on building a fence and leveling land and driving fence posts while Elder Chavez helped out shima(the mother). We had lunch with their whole family and I am really hoping that all the time spent will turn into a golden investigator family. They are just an amazing family. 

Other than that we just tracted and tried to visit everyone we could even with the holiday. Holidays are the hardest time to tract and teach because most people don't want you there, but we did our best.

Training has been different and hard but I think I am figuring out how I should do it now and we are starting to hit our groove with how we teach best together. It has been a huge learning experience and will be cool to see how it changes in the future. That's pretty much it.

Elder Alex Huff

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