Friday, January 11, 2013

November 5, 2012


This week has been good. We have been working hard, and still having fun, which is how it seems to go most of the time. 

My companion Elder Eging has been in the area 8 months now and has been 13 months of his mission on the rez, so he says funny words all the time like 'sit on the floors' or 'lets go chop some woods'. Its almost like he's barely speaking English now. 

We started teaching the children of this less active family this week. Even if people never come to church they always want their kids to be baptized. We taught them twice this week and the kids were at church. It sounded like part of their family will be there next week, I hope that us teaching the girls will bring the family back, because they are just wonderful people. 

I got the chance to teach Sunday school again this week, which is still an odd experience  No one really ever wants to answer questions so there will be times when I ask a question and sit and wait for an answer and no one will answer so i just end up saying the answer and some other stuff. I do kind of like teaching it though, it gives me a way to serve the people and also to express some thoughts that I wouldn't any where else. 

We are starting another scripture study class during the week on Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays which will be really good. We will start with the Book of Mormon and go from there on. I am so excited about this because I know it will be a blessing to these people if they are able to understand the scriptures better. I have found a true love for the scriptures and the doctrines out here and I simply want to share what I know and what I have gained with everyone.

I know that I have a Father in heaven who loves me and knows me perfectly. My Savior and My Redeemer is Jesus Christ, who died and now lives for me. And I know that they have put me here for a reason and I will work until they tell me 'it is finished.'

Elder Alex Huff

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