Friday, January 11, 2013

October 29, 2012


This week has been interesting. As I wrote last week I was out with food poisoning, and the really hilarious thing was that on Monday night a member brought us dinner. I got a burger and Elder Eging got some octopus. He was sick until Thursday  A rough little while for us out here. 

We did get to meet with some people who we haven't talked with for awhile. One of them even came to church. He was there for part of our Sunday school lesson. After we finished it he came up and was asking about the lesson. He wanted us to come over on Saturday and talk about it with him. Which was really awesome. 

On Friday night we got a call from our Sunday school teacher who wanted me to teach the lesson. Talk about kinda short notice, but said yes. I just prepped and gave the lesson like it was in the book, with my own Alex flair. It went really well I think, the Lord blesses those who rely on Him to teach. 

Other than that we just went to work. We did wake up one morning to find that our truck was scratched up by what looked like paws but there isn't anything with paws like that out here so that was kinda weird. We really have just been working and getting ready for this next week. We should have a really nice week.

Elder Alex Huff

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